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Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head

MAKE: Cartoni
MODEL: Focus HD Video
CONDITION: Used/Demo units
WARRANTY: yes, 1 month

In perfect condition Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head, these tripod head
are only use for exhbition purpose. These Tripod Head are like new.

Product Highlights:
– Suitable for 100mm Bowl Base Tripods
– Supports Cameras up to 12KG
– Variable Fluid Damping System
– Patented Variable Counterbalance
– Lightweight (2 KG or 4.4 lbs)
– Quick-release Sliding Camera Plate
– Orientating Pan Bar
– Illuminated Spirit Level
– Pan Range – 360°
– Tilt Range – ± 90°

The Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head is compatible with 100mm bowl base
tripods, and supports cameras weighing up to 26 lbs. Featuring a continuously
variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a patented
variable counterbalance, the unit can be used with all existing ENG
(Electronic News Gathering) and DV cameras.
The lightweight (2 KG or 4.4 lbs) tripod head is easy to carry.

– Payload: 12 KG
– Pan Range: 360°
– Tlt Range: +/-90°
– Counterbalance: Continuous
– Drag Control: Continuous
– Bowl Diameter: 100mm
– Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 158°F (-40 ~ +60°C)
– Weight: 4.4 lb lbs (2 kg)

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