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Vinten Kestrel Crane with Vinten Fluid Head.

MAKE: Vinten
MODEL: Kestrel
WARRANTY: One month

In good and working condition Vinten Kestrel crane included the Vinten fluid head,
it’s an oldie but works perfectly.

A smaller two man crane such as the Kestrel can be used for
high and low shots, but the boom cannot be moved (swung) from side to side.
The reduction in crew is the main advantage when using the older heavier cameras.

The Kestrel crane shown in Figure is supplied in either a manual or powered elevation form.
The tracker steers and pushes the dolly and the case of the manual version elevates the platform.
Jib elevation controls are extended to the cameraman in the case of the powered version.
While it might seem hard for the tracker to have to elevate his cameraman,
the job is made much easier by the jib arm balancing system, which is a pneumatic balancing
ram adjusted to take the total load of camera, operator, etc.
This makes both the motor drive and the effort required to manually raise and lower jib very practicable.

The proprietary name of a wheeled camera mount manufactured by Vinten,
which consists of a platform with a seat and camera mount, on the end of a
boom arm which can be raised from 2(0,60meter) to 7ft(2,15meter) above ground level.

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