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For-A HVS-1500HS 1.5M/E, 16 HD-SDI inputs With HVS-160 UB Panel

WARRANTY: yes, 14 days

1x HVS1500HS Main Unit
1x HVS-160 UB, operation panel

The HVS-1500HS is an advanced digital video switcher, born of diversified needs in the video production field. It brings together all the expertise accumulated in the HANABI series to provide high standards of operability and stability. With a wide range of advanced functions such as an up-converter, down-converter, color corrector and DVE, the HVS-1500HS delivers a video production environment that is optimized for the individual application, while at same time providing excellent value for money.

See for more technical information on the website from For-A:

Weight of the total is around the 42 KG
Shipping cost within Europe € 75
Shipping cost for buyers outside Europe: Shipping cost in consultation, please contact us first.
Sales with an official EU sales invoice. If you have a EU VAT number please contact us first.