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Snell Advanced Media (SAM) Alchemist Ph.C-HD

MAKE: Snell Advanced Media (SAM)
MODEL: Alchemist Ph.C-HD
WARRANTY: yes, one month

We have two pieces in offer, one with the FILM option and one without.

Alchemist Ph.C-HD
The World’s Finest Motion Compensated High-Definition Standards Converter
With Alchemist Ph.C-HD, 1080p and high-definition content including news, sports, live events and entertainment programming can now be broadcast around the globe in multiple high- definition standards and formats without degradation of image quality. Alchemist Ph.C – HD automatically processes image movement to produce clear, smooth motion with the widest range of input material on the largest 1080p and HD video displays.

Alchemist Ph.C -HD provides a complete one-box system solution that can easily integrate into any broadcast facility. It features the ability to convert between all commonly used 1080p, HD and SD broadcast standards and formats and has been designed to accommodate new standards as they emerge, thus future- proofing the investment of customers. Alchemist Ph.C-HD is also capable of cross conversion, upconversion and downconversion of the same and different frame rates, making it a truly universal conversion platform.

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Weight of the total shipment is Approximately 20 KG
Shipping cost within Europe € 50,00
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