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Sony PDW-V1 XDCAM SD Recorder

MAKE: Sony


Warranty is one month.


Operation: 6270

Laser: 903

Seek: 3265

Spindle: 3268

Loading counts: 3655

The compact, lightweight PDW-V1 Mobile Deck is ideal for field applications as well as desktop viewing by journalists, producers, and other production staff.

An affordable solution for playing back Professional Discs, the PDW-V1 can also replay AV and associated data files recording via its i.LINK (File Access Mode) interface or a standard Ethernet network connection.
It can also replay proxy AV data to serve as a cost-effective editing solution in conjunction with the XPRI Mobile. As with other XDCAM products, the PDW-V1offers scene selection capability that can be viewed via its colour LCD screen.

New “Non-linear” Recording Medium
Professional discs have a natural advantage since they suffer no mechanical contact during recording or playback, making the format ideal for continuous use and re-use (up to 10 000 times!). The Professional Disc is also highly resistant to dust, shock and scratches, packaged in an extremely durable and dust-resistant cartridge. It is resistant to heat, humidity and X-rays– factors that make the Professional Disc ideal for use in harsh field environments, and also allows for long media life and long-term storage (50 Years). Finally, despite all its inherent benefits – Instant access, high speed transfer and exceptional reliability – professional discs still cost the same price as a tape and consequently can be perceived as a media.

Enhanced ergonomic
With all Sony XDCAM products, a thumbnail is automatically generated to represent each recording made. As is common in non-linear editing systems, these thumbnails allow for instant access and playback of clips. The Essence Marks used in Sony XDCAM products are also avery useful form of metadata, and provide a most effective way of searching for recordings via thumbnail pictures. Essence Marks can be set during the shoot either manually or automatically.

Benefits of Proxy AV Data
Proxy AV Data is a low-resolution, MPEG-4 based version of the full-resolution MPEG IMX/DVCA Mstream. When a recording is made (in file mode only for PDW-V1), a Proxy AV stream that is time code synchronized with the full-resolution stream, is also recorded automatically on the disc. This Proxy AV Data, which is smaller in size, is easier to work with and can be transferred over common networks at much greater speeds. Proxy AV Data is highly effective for tasks where video and sound quality are of less concern, but content delivery speed is essential. The typical benefits of its use include ‘Remote Content Browsing’ and ‘Proxy Editing’.

IT-friendly System
In the Sony XDCAM Series of products, recordings are made as data files – one for each video or audio clip. This allows material to be handled with great flexibility in an IT-based networked environment – and easily available for copying, transferring, sharing and archiving to other IT-based devices. This file-based recording system also allows material to be viewed directly on a PC linked to the XDCAM decks or camcorders via an i.LINK (file access mode) connection – just as a PC reads files on an external drive.

Seamless Integration into Current VTR-Based Systems
In order to achieve seamless integration into current tape based systems, a great deal of thought has been put into the development of Sony XDCAM products. A range of conventional AV interfaces including SDI, analogue video and analogue audio output allows easy connectivity to current equipment, including a wide variety of VTRs, linear and non-linear editors, and audio mixers.

Technical Specifications
Power requirements: AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC (with battery)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 210 x 90 x 320 mm
Signal inputs: Input is available in file mode only through iLink (file Access Mode) or Ethernet
Built-in display: 3.5-inch type color LCD monitorSignal outputs:Analogue composite video output (BNC x1)SDI output (BNC x1) VGA (15P) – Can be also used as RS-422 for control (need adaptor cable) Analogue audio output (RCA x2) Headphone output
iLink : IEEE 1394, DV (OUT) or file access mode (IN/OUT), 6-pin x 1
Ethernet : 100Bt (IN/OUT)
Built-in audio speaker

AC or battery powered
The PDW-V1 can be AC or battery powered, a feature that proves convenient in the field.
3.5-inch type color LCD screen
The integrated 3.5-inch screen a allow users to view recordings and edit Professional disc EDLs any time, anywhere without the need for an external video monitor.
Extensive Range of Interfaces
Sony PDW-V1 comes equipped with a wide range of interfaces. In the traditional AV world it offers SDI output, analogue composite Output, analogue audio output, headphone output, and i.Link AVC Output.
While for a smooth integration into an IT world it proposes Input and Output for both Ethernet 100Bt and i.Link (File Access Mode) in order to browse and use XDCAM files directly on your PC.

Other Features
Proxy AV data recording
Metadata recording
Ability to write EDL back onto disc
Thumbnail search operation
Scene selection operation
Search speed: Jog -2 to +2 times normal speed /Shuttle ±35 times normal speed
Clip audio insert