AV ProVideo

AV PROVIDEO is a European website specialised in professional, second hand DSLR, video, broadcast and Cine equipment. AV PROVIDEO has contacts with European video dealers, rental houses, broadcasters, distributors and factories all over the world. Through all of these contacts a network of sellers and customers was created, all of these people are looking to buy and/or sell second hand professional equipment.

What can AV ProVideo do for you?

Mediate the sale of second hand equipment
Purchase and resell professional second hand video equipment
Searching for specific equipment for a customer
Selling of unsalable stock from dealers distributors and factories
Repairing service for Sony Panasonic an JVC equipment as well as repairing of professional lenses

The face behind AV ProVideo

Eric Petit, age 47, and active in the professional video branch for more than 14 years now. The first 10 of these 14 years I’ve mainly worked in the Netherlands and the other 4 years mostly abroad.

The motto of AV ProVideo is:

‘’for every second hand product there is a customer’’.

Do you have ant\y questions, or is there something else I can help you with:


Eric Petit