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Barco FLX-24, Transformable LED, high-quality 24mm LED pixel modules.

MAKE: Barco
WARRANTY: yes, 2 months

We have for sale 100 pieces Barco FLX-24 strips with 64 pieces FLX-24 LED’s,
the strips are 255 cm long and the all around dimensions 10,5x12cm.
The strips are slightly curved
Including the controllers.
These Barco FLX-24 LED’s are use in a professional TV Studio, see the picture 16.

Control part:
– 1x Barco FLX-NNI, Controller
– 1x Barco DX-100, single-window video processor
– 1x Delta Electronics FLX-PSU Chassis with 3x Rectifier module 2.7kW
– 2x Barco FLX-Hub boxkit (2 Hubs) (19″bracket, 2 truss kits, 2 cat5 1m with shells)

– 16x Barco FLX-24 Converter for in front of (256 pixels on) strings.
– 4x Barco FLX-Data Cable with IP67 protection shells 100 meter
– 25x Barco FLX-Hub output extension cable 20m
– 4x Barco FLX-Power Cable 25m
– 1x Barco FLX-Power Splitter cable 1-to-4

Thanks to transformable LED, event designers are no longer limited to traditional LED displays but
can instead create any shape they want. FLX is a unique freeform LED concept consisting of individually
controllable, compact and high-quality 24mm LED pixel modules. Combined with a wide variety of specifically
designed carriers (mechanical structures), they can be turned into any shape you want.

Furthermore, Barco’s flexible and modular LED solutions are suited for countless applications – from live
events to fixed installations, indoor as well as outdoor. They are created to withstand the toughest weather
conditions and can be used in bright sunlight or rain. No matter what you want, the FLX can be transformed
according to your needs.

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