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Block Battery S800-33044, Switchable 14V & 28V NiMH battery, 800WH

MAKE: Block Battery
MODEL: S800-33044
CONDITION: Demo model
WARRANTY: Two months

We have 2 pieces of the Block Battery S800, these units are never use in a
production only for demo purposes like exhibition and showroom.

Delivery is without cables and charger.
Recommended charger from Block Battery: EFC-2

A switchable voltage battery designed for power hungry cinematic camera rigs,
the “S800” provides a 800 watt hour capacity with nominal outputs at 28.8 volts
or 14.4 volts, at up to 15 amps in either voltage.

– Switchable 14V & 28V NiMH battery
– 800WH with Power Meter; output connectors – two 3 pin XLR (28.8V) & two 4 pin XLR (14.4V)

Product information:
– Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
– Output V: 14.4v or 28.8v
– Capacity: 800WHrs
– Recommended Load: Under 20 Amps
– Connectors: 2-3Pin XLR, 2-4Pin XLR
– Dimensions: 33 x 25,5 x 15cm
– Weight: 16KG

Weight of the total configuration is around the 20 KG
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