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Block Battery T600-00022, 30V NiMH Battery for HMI Lighting.

MAKE: Block Battery
MODEL: T600-00022
CONDITION: Demo model
WARRANTY: Two months

We have 2 pieces of the Block Battery T600, these units are never use in a
production only for demo purposes like exhibition and showroom.

Delivery is without cables and charger.
Recommended charger from Block Battery: EFC-2

A 30 Volt battery designed for power hungry HMI lighting and similar 30 Volt applications.
The T600 provides an 560 watt hour capacity with nominal outputs at 30 volts, at up
to 30 amps total output; available with multiple output connector configurations;
capable of running a K5600 Joker 400 or similar for 1 hour.

– 30V NiMH battery, 600WH with Power Meter; output connectors – two 2 pin Amphenol (30V)
– High current capable, up to 30 Amps total

Product information:
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
Output V: 30v
Capacity: 600WHrs
Recommended Load: Under 30 Amps
Connectors: 2 Amphenol
Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 15cm
Weight: 13KG

Weight of the total configuration is around the 15 KG
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