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Egripment Classic Scanner Remote Head

MAKE: Egripment
MODEL: Classic Scanner
WARRANTY: yes, one month

3 pieces available.

– Scanner Remote Head
– Included Sliprings
– Joystick Control
– Main Cable 298MC
– Lens Cable Canon 289CC
– Lens Cable Fujinon 289PC
– Control Cabe 298CC
– Control Cabe 298PC
– Power supply 298PS
– Electronic control Unit 298ECU
– Flightcase for Scanner Head

NOTE: It’s possible to order other cables that’s suits for your camera.

Comfortable “Pistol grip” controls give positive and precise control of the pan, tilt, zoom and fucus. Between these controls is the electronic control unit for the head, from which the operator can easily control and adjust all of the functions of the head: speed adjustments, reverse buttons, damping and many more…
Each set includes: pistol grip joystick, pistol grip zoom/focus, maincables, powersupply, ecu box, lens cable Fujinon/Canon (analog).
Warranty is 1 month, we have 3 sets availlable.

Classic Scanner Remote Head Specifications:

Type: Remote
Maximum load: 15 kg
Width: 15 cm
Height: 68,5 cm / 0,4 ft
Depth: 36 cm / 0,3 ft
Weight: 15 kg / 6,6 lbs
Minimal speed: 360° in 17 min
Maximum speed: 360° in 3 sec

Weight of the total configuration is around the 25 KG
Shipping cost within Europe € 50
Shipping cost for buyers outside Europe: Shipping cost in consultation, please contact us first.
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