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Egripment MiniShot Remote Head

MAKE: Egripment
MODEL: MiniShot
WARRANTY: yes, one month

3 pieces available.

– MiniShot Remote Head
– Control unit Zoom/Focus and JoyStick
– Power supply 298PS
– Complete with all the cables, also for Canon and Fujinon lenses.
– Plastic case for MiniShot Head

NOTE: It’s possible to order other cables that’s suits for your camera.

Suitable for 3 chip CCD cameras with many different types of Broadcast lenses. Functions such as zoom/focus, video, pan and tilt can be sent to the controls through the sliprings in the head. Therefore the pan motion is completely cable free which gives you unlimited freedom of movement for continuous 360 degree pan rotation. The MiniShot can be delivered with several types of cabling and controls, depending on the camera, purpose of use and situation. The Mini-Shot is an ideal remote head for sport events, pop concerts and on air commentary and has also been supplied to stills photographers to mount DSLRs in remote locations.

MiniShot Remote Head Specifications:

Type: Remote
Maximum load: 5 kg
Width: 10 cm
Height: 13 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Minimal speed: 360° in 17 min
Maximum speed: 360° in 6 sec

Weight of the total configuration is around the 25 KG
Shipping cost within Europe € 50
Shipping cost for buyers outside Europe: Shipping cost in consultation, please contact us first.
Sales with an official EU sales invoice. If you have a EU VAT number please contact us first.