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Music Production VAN (Truck), Digital Stereo/Surround/Multitrack


In very good condition Mecedes Atego Music Production VAN,

Digital Stereo, Surround and Multitrack.

The VAN is completely ready for starting a professional audio production on location, Festivals, Opera, Music concerts, etc…

The Mercedes Atego is from the year 2003 and in that time is also build the acoustic audio studio. The mileage is only 100,000 KM, has been maintained all these years by a Mercedes truck dealer.


Mercedes Truck:

– Mercedes Atego 950.S3, 1,82L

– Year Built, 2003

– Tires are very good

– Loading box is specially built for this audio VAN

– inside the loading box is made a special custom made acoustic cage.

– Climat control, yes

The acoustic cage is built by Klaver Bouw, divided control room and production room


Audio equipment overview:


Mixing console:

– Yamaha DM2000, Digital Production Console

Mic. Amplifiers:

– Standard Yamaha / Yamaha AD 824, up to 72 inputs.

Audio monitoring:

– Genelec 1032A, Active monitor loudspeaker (Stereo)

– Genelec 1032A, Active monitor loudspeaker (LS/RS/C)

– Genelec 7070A, Active monitor loudspeaker

– Delta Surround switch


– TC Electronic System 6000, 8 channel surround, multi engine digital effects processor with I/O routing

– TC Electronic Icon, Remote control with graphic display and 6 motor faders.


– Waves L2Ultramaximizer

– RTW 1252DIG, PPM Neonbar stereo meter,

– RTW 10800X, 8 channel surround monitor peak meter including goniometer, loudness, correlation.


– 2x Tascam CD-RW2000, Professional CD-recorder

Multi Track:

– 48x Channels redundant

– Tascam MX2424, 24 channel HD multi track recorder, remote controlled

– Tascam X-48, 48 cahnnel HD multitrack recorder with Rorke removeble HD


– Klark Teknic DN6000 Audio Analyser

– RTW Districon Quad ADC, 24 bit, 96kHz analogue to digital converter

– RTW Districon AES Doubler, 12 AES input distributor to 2×12 AES outputs

– Delta MTR Router, Multi track AES/EBU router

– Lawo Nova17, 32×32 X-point AES/EBU router

– Alpermann & Velte GM-TTT, Master LTC generator/regenerator

– Alpermann & Velte GPS, GPS reveiver for GM-TTT for realtime LTC

– Alpermann & Velte D25, External clock display for GM-TTT for guesis and director

– Rosendahl Nanosync, Master WCLK and BB generator/regenerator


Prospect K6R Interface, 6 channel 4 wire interface.


Power and cabling facility:

The routing of all cabling is professionally cabled, with fuse boxes, and everything according to legal standards


The stairs to get to the entrance can be pushed out of the truck


For the audio professionals among us ….

We also know that the professional audio equipment in our Music VAN is not the newest … but everything works and is well maintained and you can immediately start working with it.

With this equipment you can work professionally for years to come, and over the years the equipment can be upgraded to more modern equipment.

You can earn money immediately with this AUDIO VAN.

And regarding the bodywork, engine block, loading box, and acoustic cage, BETTER YOU WILL NOT FIND IT.

Viewing is possible here in the Netherlands.