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net Insight Nimbra 120 CWDM, 4 Channel Mux-Demux-Pair modules.

MAKE: net Insight
CONDITION: Brand new in original packaging/Demo
WARRANTY: Two months

We have several brand new net Insight Nimbra 120 CWDM, 4 channel Mux-Demux-Pair modules,
in original carton box.

Nimbra 120 is a compact and easy-to-deploy CWDM multiplexing solution that provides
scalability and cost-effectiveness for service providers and professional media network
operators. Together with CWDM SFP or XFP modules in the Nimbra family of multiser-
vice switches, the Nimbra 120 forms a scal- able and highly flexible optical networking solution.

– Capacity: 8 x 2.5 or 10 gbps cWDm multiplexing capacity. 16 x 10 gbps
– Shelf (hxWxD): 44x433x277mm/1.75”x17.1”x10.9”
– Electrical options: N/A, passive device

Weight of the total configuration is around the 2 KG
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