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Sennheiser EW-122 G3, Wireless Presentation Set

MAKE: Sennheiser
MODEL: EW-122 G3
CONDITION: Perect condition, like new
WARRANTY: Two months

We have several Sennheiser EW-122 G3 presentations sets in very good condition in original carton box. Freq-Range B: 626-668 MHz

What’s in the box:
– 1 EM 100 G3 Rack-Mount receiver
– 1 SK 100 G3 Bodypack transmitter
– 1 ME 4 Clip-On microphone, Cardioid
– 1 NT 2 Power Supply Unit
– 2 antennas
– 2 stacking elements

Sennheiser’s EW 122 G3 wireless system gives you everything you need to achieve great-sounding audio during speech applications.
This system comes with an inconspicuous ME 4 clip-on lavalier microphone that’s designed to reproduce speech naturally.
What’s more, the Sennheiser EW 122 G3 wireless system comes with a bodypack transmitter and a long-lasting battery, so
it’s ready to stand up to day-in and day-out use. An easy-to-set up, sturdy, rackmountable receiver rounds out the
handy Sennheiser EW 122 G3 wireless system.

Sennheiser EW 122 G3 Wireless System Features:
– Operates on Sennheiser’s A-1 band (470-516MHz)
– Bodypack transmitter with ME 4 lavalier microphone and rackmountable receiver
– Autoscan on all receivers for simple and secure frequency selection
– 1680 frequencies within a 42MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility
– Pilot tone squelch (defeatable for backward compatibility with original EW systems)
– New battery concept (AA cells and optional rechargeable battery accessories)
– Transmitter battery-status telemetry on all models
– Audio-signal metering on transmitter LCD display
– XLR jacks on rackmountable receivers

Weight of the total configuration is around the 2 KG
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